Incidents in Iceland

So I recently came back from an epic roadtrip adventure in Iceland. Instead of writing superlatives for the trip like I usually do, I painstakingly made this video using our pics and drone footage – enjoy it in 1080p!

The song choice is actually very deliberate. As we drove around the country (map here), we listened to this radio station non-stop and Can You Feel It by Icelandic artist Birgir was on the top of the charts the whole time. It got a little stuck in our heads 🙂

So what happened to the drone (a DJI Spark) after this trip? Well, in a poetic twist of fate, it flew itself out into the sunset on our last day – apparently glitched due to a nearby metal sculpture and cloudy skies. So I will not be able to use it again, but it did a great job!

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