Addressing Traffic Congestion in San Francisco

This semester, I took a Policy Analysis course as well as a Quantitative Methods course. Since I have an overarching interest in transportation, I decided to thematically tie these two courses together by focusing each of their final projects on the same topic - i.e., looking at ways to reduce traffic congestion in San Francisco. … Continue reading Addressing Traffic Congestion in San Francisco

Addressing Creekside Homelessness

One of my community engagement projects this semester involved learning about the homeless situation along Coyote Creek, a waterway that runs through the heart of San José, CA. "The Jungle" is one particular area infamous for being the largest homeless encampment in the continental United States. Our team was tasked with analyzing policy options to … Continue reading Addressing Creekside Homelessness

Reading Memo: Demand for Transportation

This is just a quick note to summarize and reflect on a recent reading I had - specifically Chapter 1 ("Desire for Movement") of J.M. Thomson's Modern Transport Economics. In this chapter, Thomson walks through several economics-inspired theories on what drives demand for transportation generally. He notes that there are several core reasons why transport … Continue reading Reading Memo: Demand for Transportation