My Quaroutine

As part of compliance with ongoing local public health regulations, I've put most of my travelling aspirations on hold and have been sheltering-in-place for the last couple of months. At first, it was quite challenging - the lack of freedom was stifling and I was a bit lost as to what I should remain focused … Continue reading My Quaroutine

Do Ikigai Right

If you've been on the Internet anytime in the last few months or so, you likely have seen this image floating around: Most shared image on social media since the blue/gold dress It is essentially the latest attempt to answer humanity's perennial question: What is the meaning of life? What's my purpose? This time, the … Continue reading Do Ikigai Right

Life & Work

Sometimes in the course of life, one must re-evaluate the things that are important to them. Not in a "mid-life crisis" kind of a way; rather, the exercise is necessary just to get reminded of values and attempt to measure just how satisfactory life is at the time. I'm about to hit the two-year anniversary … Continue reading Life & Work